The eradication of Corruption in Indonesia has always been a “promise” and “a political campaign” made by every leader and prospective leader in the country. In this reformation era, Indonesian Government increases its awareness against Corruption, however, the Law on Corruption whether intentionally or unintentionally intended by the lawmakers, has many loopholes that made it seems impossible to reach the main actors.

The failure of corruption abolishment in Indonesia can be found in the investigation level, with the investigators having unlimited discretion rights in constructing the indictment. Some of the accused, most of the times are purposely not being investigated by the investigators because of the incorrect implementation of their discretion rights. Once caught up in this situation, judges cannot perform their roles to uphold the law.

There are many circumstances where the eradication of Corruption in Indonesia made innocent people become victims before the court. For examples, the case of Rusdiharjo , an ex-Ambassador for Indonesia in Malaysia who was only continuing the previous policy inherited to him by the previous Ambassador had caused him being convicted for Corruption. Similar to this is the case of Bram Manoppo who become a victim because of a helicopter trading business; Bram was purely doing business with Abdullah Puteh (the ex-Governor of Aceh). Instead of gaining profit from the business he conducted, he went to jail and was penalized to pay certain amount of money to the Government.

Perhaps, Indonesia in its effort to eradicate corruption must implement Chinese policy that demolishes all corruptors in the Government, even if their positions are leaders.

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